10 Things that you should Add in your Daily Routine for a healthy life

10 Things that you should Add in your Daily Routine for a healthy life

Today we are living in a world where everyone is busy with their busy schedule and lifestyle, every person wakes up to go to a job, eat whatever they want and late sleep. in short, almost all people have an unstructured lifestyle which invites lots of decease.

In research, we found that the person who has an unstructured lifestyle, they are suffering from many deceases either it’s mentally or physically because they don’t have time for self.

Today we are discussing 10 things which you should add in your daily routine which help you to make fit physically or mentally. you don’t need to change your routine, you just have maintained your routine so you can utilize your time and find some time for your self

1.wake up Early

The First thing that you must add in your lifestyle is to wake up early If you wake up early you get more time then other, you feel more refresh and energetic and also find a peaceful environment, so can have time to think about your self and also you can manage your daily routine. you can do the more difficult task in peacefully and one will disturb you.

2.Add Sports in your Routine

Today many people are suffering from a physical problem like over wight, week immune system and many more the reason behind this disease is you are not a very active person. due to some problem like many people are not going to the gym or do exercise sometimes people feel boring going gym, it’s Ok if you don’t like the gym you can also start any other outdoor activity like football, cricket, tennis, yoga, swimming and may more you have lots of options against gym, choose wisely and add in your routine.

The main advantage of outdoor activities is it helps you to burn calories, helps in digesting and you can get a good sleep at bed.

3.Drink Water As you can

We all know that our 70% body is made of water and it is very helpful to purify our body.

when we release water from our body via urine or sweating we also release lots of unwanted chemicals from our body.

In many research, it proves that the person who consumes more amount of water in a daily routine they avoid many physical issues and feel more energetic.

4.never miss your breakfast

This is one of the most common problems with us that we can not eat morning breakfast due to time management, but we need to know that the morning breakfast provides energy to do work the whole day you can feel fresh and energetic the whole day if you do a good breakfast, so never miss your breakfast.

5.Use bicycle instead of car or bike

Commonly, every person has a car or bike so they can transport easily and it also feels comfortable but it decreases your physical activity because you don’t need any extra effort, so if it’s possible to try to use a bicycle instead of a car and bike. a bicycle will increase your physical activity and helps you to burn calories and it is also very good for the environment.

6.use stairs instead of the lift

many of us are in Office, so we don’t have any physical work to do. in 8 hours job, we have to do only office work at that time in the office what we can do is we can use stairs instead of the lift. stair helps you to burn calories and make you physically active.

7.Eat dinner 2hr before bad

Food is one of the most important parts of our life we can’t live without food but sometimes this food also creates a problem for us. many people Take dinner just before bed, it is not good for you, you need to take a gap between your dinner and bedtime is at least 2 hrs, so your body can digest your food and convert into energy.

8.Do SEX regularly

In research, it proves that the sexually active person takes fewer sick days. sex does not only help to relaxation but it also makes strong bonding between you and your partner.

there is Lot’s of other benefits of Sex is Like
  • It helps to boost your libido
  • For women, it helps to control bladder system
  • Helps to control your blood pressure
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Improve your sleep
  • Help to reduce stress

9.Go to sleep on the time

All the doctors and specialists suggest that every person should take sleep as per their age, A good amount of sleep can reduce your stress and make you energetic for the next day. A person who takes less sleep commonly they are suffering from many decease.

10.Always keep smiling

This is One of the most and last but not list “Keep Smiling“.

It doesn’t matter how many problems in your life and how big it is you must have to keep a smile, it gives you the power or strength to fight against it. being a happy person is always spread happiness and motivate others to fight against their problem.

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