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Best Augmented Reality SDK in 2020

What is Augmented reality?

Augmented reality Provides Real-world Interactive Experience.
where the objects that reside within the physical world are improved by computer-generated perceptual information.

The main advantage of augmented reality is how components of the
The digital world combines into an individual’s perception of the important world, not as an easy display of knowledge, but through the mixture of immersive sensations, which are seen as natural elements of a situation.

what is Augmented reality SDKs?

An augmented reality SDK (software development kit) is that the main technological software engine that helps the event and making of the latest AR apps and experiences.

The main role od AR SDK is to display Digital content and knowledge within the real-world with interaction or without interactions supported project and platform requirements.

List of AR SDKs:


ARCore is developed by Google, it allows developers to urge AR apps up and running on compatible Android smartphones and tablets. one among the foremost important features of ARCore is that it also supports iOS-enabled devices and provides developers unique access to users across both platforms. ARCore controls three significant features that enable developers to merge the important world with the virtual:

Ar Core Available With Following Features:
Light estimation: Estimates real-world lighting conditions

Environmental understanding: Detects the size and site of vertical, horizontal and angled surfaces
Motion tracking Understands the phone’s position relative to its surroundings.

The complete ARCore offering is heavily built around two key components: real-time tracking and therefore the calculation of the device’s location, paired with the mixing of virtual objects with the real-world environment.


ARKit may be a private framework that permits companies and developers to form different experiences for compatible iPhone and iPad devices (compatible iPhone’s and iPad’s must be equipped with an A9 processor or above). The ARKit SDK purposes within the same way as most AR SDK’s function, by enabling digital information and 3D objects to be combined with the important world but offers widely unparalleled accessibility in terms of the amount of existing devices that it supports.

ARKit are often run on any device equipped with an Apple A9, and above the processor and utilizes Visual Inertial Odometry to discover the encircling environment with seamless levels of efficiency.

VIO enables the ARKit to combine Core Motion data with camera sensor data and provides the facility to develop applications which will detect horizontal and vertical planes.

ARKit provides the following functionalities:

  • sensor fusion and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping)tracking
  • Ambient lighting estimation
  • Scale estimations
  • Vertical and horizontal plane estimation with basic boundaries
  • Stable and fast motion tracking


Vuforia is an augmented reality SDK that gives developers to develop high accuracy, mobile-centric, immersive AR experiences. The Vuforia SDK leverages computer vision technology to spot and track image targets and 3D objects in real-time with high accuracy. This functionality allows developers to orient and places virtual objects, including 3D models and other content, with the real-world environment. 3D models and digital information can then be overlaid on top of the real-world scene and viewed with the environment via an AR-enabled smartphone or tablet.

The Vuforia augmented reality SDK is in a position of supporting an honest kind of 3D and 2D targets, including markerless image targets, also 3D multi-target configurations, fiducial markers mentioned as a ‘VuMark.


Kudan AR SDK may be a platform designed for AR developers to support both marker-based and markerless location and tracking requirements.

The Core Kudan is Design and Develop in C++ and owns architecture-specific optimizations developed in equipment to supply the best and powerful operational performance without negatively changing engram.

The Kudan AR SDK’s maintain native platform API’s and provide seamless support for IOS and Android.

For cross-platform support is also provided for Unity game engine.

Kudan supports both markerbased and markerless tracking.


Wikitude is also a very famous mobile-based AR technology Provider which target on providing location-based augmented reality experiences through the Wikitude World Browser App but, In 2012, the company launching the Wikitude SDK a development framework utilizing tracking, geolocation technologies, and image recognition.

The Wikitude SDK is now offering and ensures developers the power to create immersive mobile AR experiences within the shortest possible time-frame. The Wikitude SDK now also adds functionality like 3D model rendering, location-based AR, and video overlay. the corporate latterly unrolled SLAM technology (simultaneous localization and mapping), which facilitates seamless object tracking and recognition besides markerless instantaneous tracking.

Easy AR

The Easy AR SDK is out there in two pricing packages: EasyAR SDK Basic and EasyAR SDK Pro.

The basic package is free for developers who want to develop AR applications and supports the Andriod, IOS, and Windows OS.

The pro version of Easy AR is out there with all the essential features and also supports 3d object tracking, screen recording, and simultaneous detection and tracking for multiple sorts of targets.

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