Machine learning Datasets

Best Sources For Machine Learning Datasets

In machine learning, it’s very difficult to make a model for prediction but, find specific datasets is a more difficult and challenging task to use for the type of machine learning difficulties or to even try on.

There is Many of Site are available which providing a dataset for machine learning and make model.

here is a list of sites that providing datasets for machine learning.
List OF DataSet

1.Kaggle Datasets

kaggle is one of the most famous for datasets it contains numerous amount of real-life datasets of all forms and sizes and in many different forms.

Sometimes you can get records with algorithms that solve the prediction problem in this particular dataset.

2.Google’s Datasets Search Engine

In 2018 Google Start their new Service to provide a database, it is the toolbox you can get database by searching its name. They aim to unify tens of thousands of various repositories for datasets and make that data discover able.

3.Amazon Datasets

Amazon is providing a dataset for machine learning it also providing a search box for finding a dataset, it also providing descriptions and other information about the dataset which is very useful to understand a dataset.
the dataset is stored in amazon web services resource Amazon-3 which is a highly scalable object storage service in the Cloud.

4.Microsoft Datasets

in 2018 Microsoft and along with the external research community declared “Microsoft Research Open Data”.

It includes a data repository in the cloud dedicated to facilitating collaboration over the global research community. It gives a group of curated datasets that were used in published research studies.

5.UCI Machine Learning Repository

More than 100 of Datasets provided by the University of California, School of Information and Computer Science, a datasets is classified and by the different type of machine learning.

6.Awesome Public Datasets Collection

Awesome Public Datasets is a good source of datasets like economics, biology, education and many more, the most of datasets are available free but you need to check the licensing requirement before using it.

7.Lionbridge AI Datasets

Lionbridge is an American company that provides localization and AI training data services. it also providing datasets for machine learning and AI. we can say that it is a good source of the datasets.

8.Computer Vision Datasets

Computer vision is a good source of data source if you are working on image processing and deep learning. it contains many good datasets that can be helpful to built computer vision (CV) models.

you can get various datasets like Image captioning, Image Generation, or even by the solution.

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