best way to increase testosterone levels naturally

Best way to increase testosterone levels naturally

We all know that testosterone is a male hormone and after 40 years it starts decrees, but in many cases, we show that in youngsters also have low testosterone. there are many reasons like a lake of physical activity, obesity, stress, and poor eating habits, due to these reasons testosterone level will decrease and you will see some effect in your body like Gynecomastia, weak sexual power, weak muscle growth, mood swings, poor bone health, hair loss.

Now if you want to know that your testosterone level is ok or not, you can test with the help of your doctor. there are two types of tests is available like Free testosterone and Total testosterone, so you many know that what is your testosterone level.

In Today’s Article, we will discuss how we can boost our testosterone level naturally.

1. Ashwagandha and shilajit

If you want to add some supplements in your diet then you should add these two natural herbs, the main advantage of these is they both are easily available and there are zero side effect and before bed, you can consume it with milk.

2. Add Physical Activity

The second thing is I suggest is add physical activity in your daily routine, it will more affectable to you if you do strength or weight training four or five days a week, and please do not ignore the compound movement, like the deadlift, bench press, and Squat. 45 to 60 minutes strength workout will help you to boost your testosterone level naturally.

3. Add Healthy Food in your Menu

Food Is also Very Important part of your life, A Healthy Food Provides Vitamins, and minerals Which can help you to improve your testosterone level. you have to add some food like Green leafy vegetables, fruits, Beans, Nuts, Extra virgin olive oil, fatty Fish, Good Fat, Eggs, Chicken, Ginger, and Garlic.

You also have to avoid just and processed Food And try to less consume Salt And sugar in Your daily routine.
And One Of the most important things is If you want to boost your testosterone level, you have Quite smoking and drinking.

4. Control Your Body Fat

As per the Fitness Trainer and Experts Suggestion, Your body fat should be 8% to 16%, in research we found that the person who has a high percentage of body fat, the level of estrogen hormone is high and when your estrogen hormone is high your testosterone level will decrease.

5. Add Vitamins and minerals

You should add Some Vitamins And Minerals in Diet like Zink, Megniciam, Iran, Vitamin-A, B-complex, And Vitamin-D. yo can Also Add Multivitamin in your Diet, But Here is The most Important Is Vitamin-D and The main Source of It is Sunlight, you should take Sunbath every day for 10 to 15 minutes.

Due to the inefficient Amount of all vitamin, your cortisol level( one type of stress Hormone) will up and it will affect your testosterone level.

6. Healthy Changes in Your lifestyle

this is one of the most difficult points of this article that you have to some changes in your daily routine, it is not very easy for everyone because everybody has tight Schedulebut the truth is this is the main reason for it,
the following changes that you have to apply in your daily life are:

  • Take proper sleep
  • Avoid Stress
  • Meditation
  • Add Some Hobbies for at least 30 minute
  • Keep your body Cool

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