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Full body exercise without any equipment at home

In Today’s time, Everybody wants a good body and looks good but due to their busy schedule they can’t go to the gym and do exercise, that’s why today we can see almost 30-40 % of world populations are suffering from overweight. some people who have time but they are suffering from financial issues and they can’t afford the gym.

Today We Discuss how we can do the workout at home and make our body fit and healthy, you don’t need any heavy equipment or any facilities for this, you can get a very good result without going to a gym. We discuss core exercises that we can perform without any special equipment.

1. Push up

Push Up is one of the most Favorite core exercises, you don’t need any extra equipment or weight for this, because in this you have to put your own weight. there are so many different types of push up available which target your different body parts. you can start with very basic and after you can try different verity of push up when you feel capable.

Doing Push up you can target multiple upper body parts with different types of pushups, For More Detail About Push Up, You can Also Check it out my blog Different types of PushUps.


Pull-ups is another most effective fat burning and strength Excercise,
It is very difficult to perform for a beginner or the person who recently start the exercise, In pull-up, you have to lift your own wight and it’s very difficult for beginners but after regular practice, you can do easily and you feel major changes in your upper posture, pull-up targets your back and biceps area and also effect on your strength.

3.Abs Excercise

Abs Excercise is targeting your tummy area many people avoid this because they don’t get a result quickly, this is true that your maximum fat is available in your tummy and this is not one day process and it will take time, abs is also a body part like chest and biceps but compare to other body parts it takes more time to get shape. so we must add abs exercise in our routine.

You can Start Abs Excercise with the plank, crunches, situp, and many more.


Squats targets your leg muscle many of researcher says that you must have to include 50 Squat in your daily exercise, Squats targets your different legs muscle like quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Squats not only increase your strength but it helps to improve your joints also, there are many types of Squats are available like Do jump squats, goblet squats, pistol squats, or plie squats.

5. Lunges

Lunges help you increase your lower body, improve core muscle, tissue, and help you get the perfect buttocks you always hoped for. the best thing about Lunges is we don’t need any equipment for this and it is very easy to perform and very safe.


Running or Jogging is the most famous Exercise Today many people Accept this and Start Running, many of people Start running for Fun And enjoyment, athletics races or marathons.

There are lot’s of benefits of regular running like:

  • Running Help To Build Muscle Strong and It is also Consider as fat-burning Excercise.
  • It helps to improve your strength.
  • It helps to maintain your body weight and burn fat

7. Stair climbing

This is the last but not least point of this article is Stair climbing, many Health experts Suggest Stair instead of the lift. people have not enough time to do exercise due to their Professional and Personal Life they want to do Excercise but they can’t, so this is a good option for them.

Benefits of Stair climbing

  • It helps to improve your joints.
  • it helps to burn your fat
  • you don’t need to Spend Extra time for this
  • Whenever you free You can do this
  • it helps to strengthen the lower body, butt and losing inches from the belly and building great abs

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