what is artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Advantage and Disadvantage of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also called as Machine smartness, A machine that has the capability or potential to take decisions without interfering with any human being, In today’s time Every multinational organization and big farms trying to implement AI in their infrastructure For batter output, today lot’s of big IT companies Focus on AI for Batter future development and facilities, no dought that in future AI will change our future completely.

Definition of Artificial intelligence

A machine that has its own decision-making capacity to make a decision and perform the task and in another term The machine that has enough data, memory power and mechanism to identify a problem and provide an appropriate solution.

Using AI Many organization Converts their office and factory into a smart office and smart factory, it reduces manpower and improves productivity, AI is not only for office and Factory or any multinational organization but it uses in normal people’s daily life Like a smart house, smart car smart gadget, these types of equipment help people to do their regular work easily and more comfortably.

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of a large amount of data, software programming, algorithms, and hardware, AI is nothing but a human-created smart machine which makes a decision and perform the task based on information that we provide without proper data and information AI can’t work properly or may give unexpected output.

Advantage Of Artificial intelligence

1.Batter Output and more Productivity

It is true that as a human being we have lot’s of limitation of our body we need sleep, eat and need time for our social and private life but machine don’t have these kinds of requirements that’s why machine gives more productivity than a normal human being machine can work 24/7 but a human can’t.

2. Batter work Accuracy

We can say, this is one of the biggest advantages of AI, it gives more accuracy and more perfection than humans, Due to human body limitation they can perform the task at a certain level and we can’t push it but in case of machine we can, we can improve Quality and update task making capacity to another level.

3. Life makes Easy

AI specially design to reduce manpower and improve their lifestyle AI can help us to create lifestyle more easily and comfortably For example Smart houses, smart cars.

4. Reduce manpower

Researchers and scientists assume that in future AI will help to reduce manpower, Smart machine will decide by itself and give more output and reduce human efforts.

5. Technology becomes handier

As we discussed earlier AI helps people to make their life more comfortable, Smart machines can easily understand People’s requirements and do tasks accordingly, With AI people can easily do their tasks and it will become time-saving so people have more time to do other work.

Disadvantage of Artificial intelligence

1. Reduce manpower or create unemployment

We can’t deny that smart machine can do batter than a human being, may in future it happens that every manufacturing company can replace their employee with the machine for batter productivity and output.

2. It is very costly

We all know that AI is very costly because it needs a good amount of data hardware and lot’s of research, A company who make AI-based product they have to check it out that this product is suitable or not, they also have to check it out product’s durability, output, and result, behind this, the company spent lot’s of amount, energy and time.

3. Difficulty in software development

AI is a very difficult task for the programmer because there is a lot’s of issues comes when they start developing it, they have to create software that thinks like human and do the task as per requirement, Today many of companies hire the developer for these type of programming and spent millions of dollars and lots of time.

4. Only a few products can successfully lunch in the market

Today lots of companies start developing on AI, Spent millions of dollars and time but it is also true that only some products can available in the market, because lots of products go fail in real-world testing or they can’t perform as per client requirement.

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